Polished plaster is a term that covers a wide range of decorative finishes such as venetian plaster, mamorino, stucco and travertine. This technique originated in Venice, Italy in as early as 1550’s.  This method of plastering created a wonderful visual resembling that of an elegant stone or marble. 

There are many benefits to decorative plaster finishes; it dries to a rock-like hardness making it exceptionally durable and can be applied internally and externally. These natural plaster finishes can be one easy way “to go green” the ingredients, such as clay and lime-based finishes are natural, breathable and non-toxic. Its antibacterial qualities, as well as visual effects, have made decorative plaster finishes highly desirable for feature walls and ceilings, stairwells, fireplace surrounds or an entire room. Because of the artistic nature of decorative plaster, each wall will be a unique statement with its own distinctive look.

You can create stunning effects for residential and commercial projects using authentic decorative plaster finishes. It can be applied over a variety of substrates including new and existing drywall, columns, interior walls and ceilings, cement render, painted, white set and exterior walls.

There are hundreds of colours to be chosen from when it comes to plaster finishes, custom colours can be matched and sample boards can be created upon request. Decorative plaster can be tinted, or coloured using natural or synthetic colourants. The colours and the finish is controlled by you, your imagination is your only limit with these plasters.

As a Dulux Preferred Applicator, we work with the full range of Dulux colours and AcraTex Finishes.  You can view the full spectrum of what is available at Dulux's Colour Guide.

Not especially. You would use the same amount of protection as painting; take down pictures, move furniture and cover with sheets etc..Our team will work efficiently to cause you as little disruption and inconvenience as possible.

The cost of polished plaster depends on the the desired effect, and the amount of area to be covered, we cater to all tastes and budgets, we also provide a free consultation service. The biggest brands on the market today strongly recommend that you use a certified artisan - we have extensive knowledge and experience of these natural materials and have the most up-to-date information on application and usage of the products.